Profession Guide - Warrior

Profession Guide - Warrior

Warriors are the main tanking class in World of Warcraft but they can also be good dps, depending on the spec they choose. They wear mail armor while leveling and on the 40th level they get to wear plate which will stay as the best choice of gear for them on higher levels. Their choice of weapons depend upon their spec. Manly the tanks wield one-handed weapons and shields and the dps Warriors wield two-hander weapons.

Blacksmithing and Mining

Since Warriors are plate wearers usually the best possible combination of professions for them would be Blacksmithing and Mining. Mining as itself is a profession that accompanies few other primary professions and helps speed up its leveling and also gives the Toughness buff which will increase your Stamina by 50. Blacksmithing on the other hand is something Warriors can definitely use during their leveling and after during the playing. With Blacksmithing as their main profession Warriors can craft many usable goodies like weapons, shields, armor sets, rods that’s enchanters need, sharpening stones and buckles. Eternal Belt Buckle in example is a nice addition to the belt of any class and will boost their stats; however it will only work on items that have no slots for gems. In order to be a level your Blacksmithing skill you will need a Blacksmith Hammer and a Forge. You can find Forges in all the major cities and also in smaller villages. If a Warrior chooses to become a Blacksmith he/she can at some point choose between becoming an Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith. If one chooses to become a Weaponsmith he/she can then choose between Sword, Axe or Mace smith depending on their choice of weapons.

Alchemy and Herbalism

It is not so common to see a Warrior with these two professions but some do take it since these professions are quite useful for raids, instances and even for grinding. They are also two of the gold making professions, which means that all that you gather or create you can sell to other players or on the Auction House. Warriors definitely need healing potions and elixirs that will increase their armor value of overall health during long boss fights. There are also few usable flasks which will have an effect on them even after death. With Herbalism also comes a new skill called Life Blood which can heal you for 2000 over 5 seconds. It is very nice for Warriors since they have no healing abilities.


Other useful professions for a warrior could be Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Engineering and Inscription. These professions could come in handy. Inscription is nice because of the Glyphs you could make for yourself and you can also sell them on the Auction House. With Enchanting a Warrior can enchant his/her weapon, shield, and other parts of the armor. Warriors can also benefit from the ring enchants which Enchanters can do only on themselves. With Jewelcrafting they will be able to craft gems that are unique to equip and which will enhance their overall stats. Engineering is nice because you could make ammo, guns, bombs, lock-pick keys and other useful gadgets and also some nice gear pieces like Armored Titanium Goggles.

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