Warlocks - Bring Fear Upon Thee

Warlocks - Bring Fear Upon Thee

Warlocks have always been a nice class to play. For some reason they always looked great, Blizzard always made the nicest tiers sets for them, then they have those cool class mounts. However, it isn’t only the look that counts and the Warlocks have a lot more to offer. The Warlocks are great casters and use the Schools of Fire and Shadow damage as well as a variety of different Fear spells and a Demonic Pet to bring pain upon their enemies.

You can choose a different pet for different scenarios. You can choose between an Imp, Fel Hunter, Succubus, Fel Guard, and even a Fire Golem can be summoned.

A Warlock needs Soul Shards for some abilities. These can easily be obtained though by using Drain Soul on an enemy.

A Warlock is very nice in PvP because he has a lot of damage over time (DoT) spells. If he first casts a few DoT’s and then continuously fears his opponents while also his pet is chasing them around doing additional damage, he basically can win from most opponents. The Locks also have some nice AoE spells like most other casters and have some other specific abilities. One of them is the Ritual of Souls. With this ability he makes a Soulwell which all the party and raid members can use to get a Healthstone, which instantly restores health when used. Warlocks can also create a Soulstone on themselves or on other players. Once the player dies he would be able to resurrect. Last but not least is their ability to summon other players which comes in very handy from time to time.

If you want to play a Warlock you can choose between the following races: Gnome, Human, Orc, Undead, and Blood Elves.

There are three talent trees that all enhance the Warlocks damage.

Lets start with the Affliction talent tree. Favored by many PvP Warlocks is the Affliction build simply because it focuses on the DoT spells of a Warlock and even gives him some new ones. Also the fear spells become better when this build is followed. The tactic of DoTting and then fearing like said before is great for PvP.

Then you got the Demonology build which increases the damage output of the Warlock as well as the Pets one can summon. It also gives the Warlock the ability to sacrifice his pet to make him stronger. This build is also nice for both PvE and PvP. If the Demonology build is followed till the end you will even be able to transfer into a Demon yourself. As a Demon you will get a new set of abilities and become more of a melee character with increased damage for a period of time.

The name says it all; The Destruction spec focuses on the damaging spells that do a lot of damage like Shadowbolt and the Fire based spells. This build is developed to be able to top damage meters with powerful spells.

As a Lock you can of course choose to make sort of a hybrid build between Demonology and Destruction which is also seen quite often.

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